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Types of 4monster microfiber cloth towels

As we all know,it is important to use the right microfiber cloth towels for the right job.If you visit,you may find different kinds of towels. Now read our microfiber buying tips to gain the best results and save money.
Eva towel
Our Eva towels have split fibers, and each fiber has hundred of thousand of edges that pick up dust and hold it. It is almost like they have tiny hooks that pick up and grab the dust instead of traditional cloth rags or paper towels that just push the dust. Save time and money with free shipping on all orders.
Fishing microfiber towel

fishing microfiber towel


4monster fishing microfiber towel is made of high quality premium microfiber. It could absorb water several times to its own weight. You can easily wring out 90% water of it and hang up to dry. No longer waste your travel time anymore.Green fishing microfiber towel used super soft and antibacterial material.They are compact and thin, but soft and smooth on skin. The microfiber fabric is antibacterial. Effectively inhibit odor and germs. So just full enjoy your fishing without worrying about mold or mildew.

water sports microfiber towel


We call this the delicate towel because it is best for more delicate surfaces. Since it is softer than the safe towel, we also recommend this for applying and removing wax, polish and buffing.
Now,we have introduced you three types of microfiber cloth towels.If you are interested in them,you can also contact us.

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