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Secret 8--.How to choose a RIGHT down sleeping bag?

 How to choose a RIGHT down sleeping bag?  Secret 8——Glue Down??!!

In the conventional sense, if the sleeping bag manufacturers are going to make a shoddy product, they just change the goose down into duck down, or maybe chicken feathers. This kind of shoddy products can only count as a consumption downgrade if other quality issues are not considered.


Chicken feather sleeping bags can last for years too, but certainly not as warm as down sleeping bags.


Which one do you think is in your sleeping bag?



Most people dont disassemble their sleeping bag to find out what the filling really is, as long as they didnt nearly freeze to death and it looks like a sleeping bag at the first sight, and thats why there are some chicken feather sleeping bag out there.



And a thing called  the glue down brings me some culture shock!
How do some corrupt businessmen produce the glue down sleeping bag?


They pick up some chicken feather and duck down, cut and mix up. After rinsing and drying the water, they add glue to stick them up, and add a bit real down, resort to the trick of passing off fish eyes as pearls.

The glue down doesnt have the full structure as the real down, for this reason, it doesnt have thermal effects, and will have odor after washed, chemical binder may cause allergy.

4Monster down sleeping bag is using the real down and has quality assurance, is well sold in the US Amazon.

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