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4Monster Water Sports Microfiber Terry Towel 4 In Set

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Package: A nylon bag, 4 towels and a mash bag. 85% polyester & 15% polyamide microfiber terry fabric,super absorbent and soft, gives...
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4Monster Water Sports Microfiber Terry Towel 4 In Set


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Product details

  • Package: A nylon bag, 4 towels and a mash bag.
  • 85% polyester & 15% polyamide microfiber terry fabric,super absorbent and soft, gives your skin a good care.
  • There are 4 the same size towels(each 24"x47") in one bag, an ideal item for family and friends.
  • The towels are protable with the nylon bag(size 8"x8"x8").It is easy to remove and place items using this large zipper square bag.Using longer handle makes hanging or carrying more easily.And there is an instruction on the cover of the bag teaches how to fold the towel well!
  • There is a mesh bag inside inorder to carry just for one towel.
  • The snap button on the towel makes it easier to pack up and hang the towel.
  • Different colour stichings makes it easier to distinguish while traveling with many people.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Perfect for the gym

I bought these for my husband to use at the gym. He keeps the case in his car and removes each towel as he needs it. Then, I launder them and pack the case again. After 10 weeks and 10 washings on “sanitary” which uses extremely hot water, they are still very soft. So far, the fastener strap is still in tact on each. My husband says they are the perfect size (can cover a bench press bench perfectly) and is absorbent.

Pell D.
Great towels! Hard to fold/pack.

We use these to dry off at the lake/beach. Great for that function and the rolled up towels fit in a bag or with ease. My only complaint is that it is remarkably difficult to get all four towels rolled up in the right shape to fit in the original zip-up container.

Danielle K.

this product came in a timely fashion. it was exactly like the description and served its purpose well. no towel will dry out immediately but it was much better than using a regular towel and laying it out to dry. i ordered this product for my camping trip and was able to use it for drying myself down after going tubing in the river. i will say its not the best size for adults if used for showering to wrap around you but good for kids. only purpose is to wipe down not wrap around.

Jay Russ
Lightweight, soft, dries quickly, case included!

I bought these towels for camping. I like how soft they are and how quickly they dry. They are made to be hung to dry and they do so quickly so they can be packed away safely in the included case. I was so impressed with this foursome that I bought another set of four from the same brand which are made for swimming. I'll be using this set along with the new set I just received for a camping trip in Yosemite this week. Can't wait!

Quick-drying, perfect for camping

If you want a lush, cozy towel, then these aren’t for you. If you need to dry off quickly or need the towels themselves to dry quickly, look no further. These are perfect for camping, which is what our family uses them for. I actually just bought another set so we have 8 towels to use now.

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