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4Monster Non-Slip Microfiber Yoga Towel

  • This yoga towel is perfectly sized (72.5" x 30") to place on any regular sized yoga mat, also a full-sized travel companion. Can be toss in backpack easily.
  • 85% polyester & 15% polyamide microfiber fabric,fleece in one side and one-side priniting.It is super absorben and extrimly soft, fast-dry and lightweight,it gives great skin touch. 
  •  3 colours available and fashion patterns give diverse chioces.

  • Anti-slip feature for those sweaty sessions of yoga where you need to absorb your sweat to stay in pose and balanced. The latest fiber technology makes the towel stable, preventing dangerous slipping, without using synthetic products like silicone or latex.

  • Package in a paper box of size 6.5"x9.6"x2.4"

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