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4Monster Mummy Anti-Slip Down Sleeping Bag



Model No.:C-ASB-black

Inner & outer Material :  20D380T Nylon

Color: Black,Red,Blue

Fillig : 80/20 650 fill duck down 21.2oz, 28.2oz, 35.3oz

Temperature Rating : 30ºF/-1ºC, 15ºF/-9ºC, 0ºF/-17ºC

Weight : 2.6bl, 3bl, 3.25bl

Dimensions: 82.7”x31.5”x19.7”

Pack Size:8.9”x15.8”, 9.3”x15.8”, 9.9”x15.8”

Mesh Bag: 30.1”x36.4”





A sleeping bag you can trust to get you through single-digit nights. The shell is a 20D380T nylon that has a W/R coating on it so that just helps make it anti-splash.In addition to a draw-tight hood and enclosed draft collar, the buttons on the sleeping bag also allow you to adjust the bag to your height, creating a comfortable cocoon of lofty duck down fill. Two-way YKK zipper gives more comfort while using.


1.KEEP WARM and DRY:High quality duck down, evenly filled into the entire sleeping bag, your entire body will stay warm and rested during the cold weather camping.

2.WATER-PROOF & DURABLE: 20D380T nylon protects you from wind and rain, this sleeping bag is durable and resistant to stones, branches and other natural elements.

3.100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We provide 30 days no question asked return, lifetime warranty, our 24*7 customer service are waiting for your mail!

4.Anti-slip: There are anti-slip straps on the sleeping prevent you from sliding off your sleeping mat.

5.Three different amounts of filling, corresponding to three different temperatures:




6.The package contains an extra mesh bag because the down product does not remain compressed for long periods of time. When the sleeping bag is not in use, it can be placed in this net bag for normal storage.

7.Portable Package: Nylon bag with retractable webbing. You can further compress the size of your sleeping bag to save space for your backpack.

8.Durable Accessories: High quality YKK zipper and metal buttons for extra durability.

9.High Quality 20D Nylon: 20D nylon material, windproof and waterproof. Durable and sturdy, it protects the sleeping bag from being scratched by small stones or branches on the ground.

PS: It is recommended to put a down blanket under the sleeping bag to provide better comfort.

10.Natural Duck Down: 650D fluffy duck down, warm, with three different fillings to cope with different weather conditions,(30ºF - 0ºF).

11.Machine washable, and down does not spread out due to washing.

Please be aware that natural duck down has a special smell and is harmless to the human body.

Dissipate on its own after a period of time.


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