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Do you really "ride"? Teach you to choose the "strongest equipment"!

As the economy progresses, bicycles are gradually being replaced by more comfortable and faster cars. But occasionally, we still miss the joy of driving a bike through the wind. As a result, more and more friends began to return to cycling, not only as a way of short trips, but also as a hobby. But for cycling, love is not enough!


[Q1: What is the most important part of a bicycle? 】


Of course there are different brands and different manufacturers, and the manufacturer is the most important. Then you have to choose again what kind of wheel you want. If you want lighter wheels, and you want to be faster when climbing, you must have more aerodynamic wheels.

[Q2: How to choose a riding helmet? 】


Different helmets have different functions. There are many types of helmets nowadays. Some have good wind breaking performance. Other helmets have mips system, which can prevent head shock. So you always remember that when your helmet is hit, you must buy a new one! Even if the appearance of the helmet is intact, but his internal structure may be damaged, then his safety performance will be particularly poor.

[Q3: How to choose cycling clothes? 】


Of course, the most important thing is that you have to keep warm and keep your body dry. You should prepare a raincoat for riding on rainy days. Small brand raincoats are definitely not as good as high-end ones. Good cycling clothes can not only maintain body temperature, but also restrain muscles and reduce wind resistance. The most important thing is to fit your body!


[Q4: How to choose cycling shoes? 】


You should not choose shoes. You should first understand how much they help you. You have to know what kind of shoes are suitable for you. After you understand these details, what kind of shoelaces is not important, the sole is the most important !

[Q5: How to adjust the bike? 】


The height of the seat cushion is the most important part of the bicycle adjustment setting. If the seat cushion height is not correct, it will cause the body to swing from side to side during riding, making it impossible for people to stabilize themselves. The standard height of the seat cushion can take into account the pedaling force and not let The knee joint was injured when stepping on it.


[Q6: How to ensure the standard riding posture? 】


When you are riding fast on the road, be sure to look straight ahead and straighten your arms. All the precise adjustments to the bicycle are to keep the rider in the most standard riding posture. The standard riding posture is abdomen, because the connection between the person and the car is an unstable quadrilateral. Maintaining the standard posture allows the rider to adjust the center of gravity at any time. In riding, the arm plays an auxiliary role, and a reasonable cushion height can minimize the pressure on the arm. Let your hands relax so that you won’t experience shoulder soreness and neck pain during long riding.

As an ordinary cycling enthusiast, you don't need to pay attention to those expensive road professional racing cars. As long as you tune your bicycle, you will find the greatest pleasure in riding and become the best you can be!

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