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Find the advantage of sports towel

Very Absorbent


The towel's microfiber material is what makes it super-absorbent. To use, you wipe the water from your skin and the sports towel absorbs. When it's full of water, you simply wring the water out.


You can use the sports towel on your hair too, just like with a normal bathroom towel. You simply wipe and wring as needed.




The microfiber material that most sports towels are made of is tough. For several years, I swam almost every day and never had to replace my Arena sports towel.


When I had to replace the tattered sports towel, the material was still usable.


Handy and Portable


Most sports towels come rolled-up inside transparent plastic tubes while others are folded in pouches. Regardless, this is the best selling point for sports towels.


Because of its super-absorbent, you don't need a big towel to dry yourself. Just keep wiping and then wringing out the water as needed.




Unlike ordinary towels, you don't need to dry the sports towel when it's time to go. To pack the sports towel, squeeze out the excess water, roll the towel and replace back into the tube.


The plastic tube keeps the rest of the contents of your bag dry. The tube is small and compact that the sports towel can easily fit into an any-sized gym bag. Compare that with the bulkiness of bathroom towels.

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