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How to choose a RIGHT down sleeping bag? Secret 1——The Magic Of “Mummy”

While doing outdoor activities, down sleeping bags are very important and necessary, second only to backpacks, especially when you are a camping lover.

However, whether your down sleeping bag is a customized product that cost more than 500 bucks, or it is just about a hundred bucks that is the best seller on Amazon, in essence they are both just like a black box. Most of us has no idea what’s in the sleeping bag and how does it get into it.


What are the secrets in this “ black box”? Let’s find out together!


Winter is coming, and outdoor lovers are all getting ready for their adventures.

Of all the outdoor gears, sleeping bag is the most worth investing. A well maintained down sleeping bag can be used for decades.


People would always want to know the answer of these questions:

What is the warmth principle of down sleeping bags?

Which should I choose, duck down or goose down?

What doesfilling, filling power,turbidity actually mean?

Is it possible that I may buy a fakesleeping bag?


After reading these articles about the down sleeping bags, maybe it’s not a hard work to find the right sleeping bag that can be your great gear for a decade.


Secret 1——The Magic Of Mummy


“Mummy “ is the most well-known type of  down sleeping bag, it also is the first word that would come into our mind when we think about the names of sleeping bags.


When we talk about mummy, first we come into this:


Or, this:


And that’s right! Some modern sleeping bags are design as the dead body shape of the Pharaoh and the appearance of the coffin. The reason why the modern sleeping bags adopt these appearances is because the mummy shape that fits the body curve has the best warmth effect.


Just like the shape of the Pharaoh’s body, this type of sleeping bag is highly fitting human body, leaving almost no gaps. Mostly, it is used in ultra-low temperature environment, and look at the shape, it also sacrifices the user’s comfort.















The down sleeping bag that has similar shape to the coffin of Pharaoh looks like above. And the common down sleeping bags that we see today are mostly based on the appearance of Pharaoh’s coffin.


This coffin type of sleeping bag can keep warm and make users feel less uncomfortable at the same time.


So,we called these shapes of sleeping bags “mummy sleeping bags”.



Over then 0℃, mummy sleeping bag and rectangular sleeping bag (just like a quilt) can both meet the need.

Lower then 0℃, you will definitely need a mummy sleeping bag.

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