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How to choose a RIGHT down sleeping bag? Secret 7——The Risk Of Fabric

Compared to the mysterious and complicated constructions of the sleeping bag, the outre fabric is way much approachable. Well, I mean, at least you can touch it without cutting it. But it doesn’t mean that you know more about it than the constructions.


If you haven’t touch PERTEXQUANTUM Fabric with your hand directly , it is quite hard for you to know how different it is to the common 20D350T fabric. The difference will eventually be reflected in the functional and somatosensory.

A cheap sleeping bag currently its outer fabric is polyester, which is cheaper than nylon. The disadvantage of this material is that it is less durable than nylon.


Due to the fact that the polyester itself doesn’t absorb water, the surface of the fabric is easier to dehydrate, and some of the fabric is visually brighter because of the glazing process, which tends to accentuate the dehumidification of the sleeping bag.

Current international trend of the fabric of sleeping bag is getting thinner and thinner, from 40D to 20D, then 15D, 10D and 7D!
Well, of course, the thinner the fabric is , it gives the advantage of lightweight, but it also reduce the function of keeping warm, and it also may have risk of caring and maintaining the sleeping bag.


So while you buy a sleeping bag, you should take the fabric into account considering the purpose.


For 4Monster down sleeping bag, it use 20D380T nylon as fabric. Quite lightweight and can apply to a quite lower temperature.

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