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How to go outdoor more safely in winter-I


  1. Be well prepared

You should know your health condition before you go on a trip, do not be reluctant, and understand the environmental conditions of your destination in advance. Prepare items and equipment, learn the necessary outdoor self-help knowledge and wilderness survival skills.


  1. Understand the weather conditions before the trip

Before leaving, you must know the exact weather conditions in the last three days of the activity area, as well as predict the possible bad weather, bring enough supplies, in addition, in case of rain or snow on the way, you should adjust your itinerary according to the situation, be sure to take a comprehensive consideration, do not be brave.

  1. Choose the route according to your own condition

In winter, the temperature is low, and many times there will be frost and even snow. This time the human body will increase the energy consumption by 10%-20%, and therefore the physical requirements are higher.

  1. Accompanying

The weather in the mountains and forests is changing rapidly, wind, snow and fog can directly threaten our lives, if you want to climb in winter, you must travel in a group. If possible, travel with a professional leader. On the one hand, you can get a better travel experience, and on the other hand, with their company, you can stay away from risks to the maximum.


  1. Pay attention to the cold, beware of the loss of temperature

For the reasons of temperature loss, prevention mainly starts from wet, cold and wind. Do not let the cold, windy and wet clothes three at the same time. In cold and windy weather, pay attention to keep warm and replace wet clothes in time. Especially in rainy and snowy weather, do not wear wet clothes to continue marching or rest, marching to pay close attention to their own and their teammates' physical condition, timely detection and treatment. Reasonable arrangement of marching route and rest time, avoid long exposure to low temperature environment. Rest and replenish heat in a timely manner, change clothes regularly, keep your body dry, and pay attention to warmth and cold.


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