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How to protect your knees when climbing outdoors


  1. Don't take part in outdoor activities too frequently. You can occasionally relax and give your knees a rest to adjust the time and opportunities for health. Pay attention to listening to the signs and sounds of overwork on your knees.


  1. Participate in outdoor activities without systematic weight-bearing training. Equipment materials are not necessary to be as concise as possible, it is best to use more than one thing. It is recommended that the weight-bearing action should not exceed one third of your weight.


  1. Learn to walk on different terrains and slopes with the correct footwork.


  1. Normally use active oil to massage the knee frequently.


  1. Supplement calcium appropriately. It is recommended to drink pure milk or yoghurt daily. The protein content of milk should be above 2.9 grams.


  1. Strengthen the strength exercises of the left and right muscle groups around the knee joint, and use the strength of the muscle groups to protect the knee joint cartilage from wear.


  1. The prevention of knee injury is far greater than the crisis management after a problem. The night before the event, I took the initiative to put a plaster on the knee joint before going to bed, especially for camping in a dark, humid and cold environment, and it was very helpful for the protection of the knee joint.


  1. The foot wears three layers of cushioning protection: the innermost first layer of polyester stockings, the middle second layer of coolmax elastic protection socks, and the outermost third layer of stronger elastic coolmax socks or wool nylon blended socks. Through the thickness of the multi-layer socks on the sole of the foot, cushion and reduce the impact and wear on the cartilage of the knee joint.


  1. Before the activity, it is recommended to warm up, the extension of the knee and ankle of the leg is indispensable to warm up; the return of the activity, especially the multi-day weight-bearing mountaineering, it is recommended to take foot, timely necessary care and maintenance; suggestion if there is a problem Go to a regular hospital early to consult a doctor and seek medical treatment.


Friends who like hiking and hiking should remember that while protecting their knees, they also actively forward and share with more people.

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