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Some Filtering Methods In Outdoor Drinking Water

Water is the source of life. In daily activities, mild dehydration can make people feel thirsty, but dehydration can lead to fatigue, disorientation, and headaches when climbing mountains. Deficiency caused by dehydration is far beyond your imagination, and it can also trigger several types of mountain diseases, such as acute mountain sickness. Today we talk about the topic of "water" outdoors.

(1) Infiltration method: For floating foreign objects or the water is turbid, you can dig a pit about 50-80 cm deep and about 1 m in diameter at a depth of 3-5 meters from the water source to allow water to pass from the sand, The crevices of the stone and soil naturally ooze out. Then, gently take out the oozing out water and put it into a water storage container such as a box or pot.

(2) Layer-by-layer filtration method: remove the bottom of the bottle with a cola bottle and invert it, pierce the bottle cap with several holes, and then fill in 2 to 4 cm thick soil-free clean fine sand, charcoal powder, 5 to 7 layers of fine sand, charcoal powder, and fine sand. Press tightly and firmly, and pour the unclean water into the self-made simple filter. When the water under the filter overflows, you can use a water cup to filter the filtered Collect clean water.

(3) Other methods: water purification medicine, chlorite, white vinegar for disinfection, or water can be boiled. Now there are filters and life pipes on the market. Any impurities can be consumed without boiling.


Hope you all have a nice trip!

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