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Ten attention points about camping (II)

VII. Make a complete camping plan

I believe that many friends will make plans before traveling, but there are also some friends who are more casual, playing wherever they go, pursuing uncertainty. But camping is really different. Reasonable itinerary, meal preparation, including entertainment content planning will make your entire camping process orderly. Otherwise you will be exhausted and explode in place.


VIII. Plan to carry the ingredients

In fact, when you go camping, everyone is afraid of not having enough food or eating badly. They often bring a lot of ingredients and snacks every time. As a result, there will be a lot of food left after the camping. If it is fresh ingredients, you need to plan the amount of each meal carefully, otherwise it will cause huge waste.

IX. Don’t buy the equipment for the first camping in one step

For friends who are camping for the first time, my suggestion is to rent tents and sleeping mats first, or buy a tent with a relatively high cost-effective, simple structure and easy to build. Cooking utensils, tableware, folding chairs, etc. can be brought ready-made at home. Why do you do that? I can simply share my personal views with you here. Whether a piece of outdoor equipment fits your own aesthetics, whether it matches your own consumption ability, etc. has nothing to do with others. Even if it is recommended by a camping veteran, it is given from the perspective of his own use and aesthetics. s answer. Camping must ultimately play with its own style and tone, no matter from equipment, to outdoor meals, to camping content, you must have your own attitude. If you go out and find that everyone is the same big white tent, with a barbecue rack in front, and every family eats roasted kidneys, I think you will be more depressed. It's a bit similar to home decoration, keeping the style diversity, there will be more topics to discuss among friends.

So every time you camp is a process of exploring your own style, and this process is full of unknown and fun. Step by step, the replacement of equipment is inevitable, and there will never be one step in place.


X.Take away all the rubbish you made

If you can't do this without too much explanation, I advise you to lie down at home.


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