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What do you need to prepare for camping in the wild?(II)

IV. Lighting
1. Campsite lights: mainly used for campsite lighting during camping or in tents. There are three types: rechargeable type, self-generating type and battery type. Light intensity, exposure range, power consumption and moisture resistance should be considered when purchasing.
2. Headlights: outdoor camping lighting equipment is very important. Headlights are more convenient than flashlights. They can free your hands and serve as a warning at night.

V. Cooking utensils
1. Stove: When camping in the wild, cooking with a stove is faster and more convenient than a campfire, and it can be used in any environment. In the past, many people would use gas tank burners and oil tank burners. Now more people choose external power sources, which are easier to use and safer than gas tanks and oil tanks.
2. Charging: Choose an outdoor power supply with fast charging, which can be fully charged in less than 2 hours. It can also be charged by solar energy and car. You don't have to worry about running out of power outdoors.
3. Set of pots: three pots of large, medium and small are set together, with small bowls, spoons, tea cups, etc., ready to be prepared according to your needs.

VI. Water articles
1. Water cup: It mainly includes a kettle (available for outdoor power supply), large-capacity heat preservation or ordinary water cups, and you can choose the latter two for leisure camping.
2. Outdoor water purifier: It is more professional and can be equipped for long-term campers who require high quality of life.

VII. Other articles
1. Attached items: shovel, trekking pole, waterproof bag, backpack rain cover, sun hat, headscarf, gloves, small plug-in, mobile phone, GPS, compass, survival whistle, spare battery, small binoculars, paper towels, scrubbing and other daily necessities .
2. Portable medicine: Band-aid, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, anti-wind oil, antibiotic tablets, anti-fever medicine, antidiarrheal medicine, mosquito repellent, snake medicine, anti-allergic medicine, etc.
3. Spare food: compressed biscuits, chocolate, beef jerky, raisins, energy bars, etc.

Summary: The above camping equipment is not perfect yet, I hope everyone can add it. For camping, I want to go N times once I go out to accumulate experience again and again. I also care more about how I feel on the road instead of what the equipment is.

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