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Amateur Camping outdoor (Part 3)

From our last two articles, now we know what are ‘must be prepared’ for a new camper’s camping trip, we are going to talk about some auxiliary items for camping. With these things can help you feel more comfortable during your way to the camp.

Auxiliary items

1. A trekking pole

Many new campers underestimate a trekking pole. They think it is useless and there is no need to take one with themselves all the time, they just need to find a branch to replace a trekking pole while necessary. However, a branch without extra trouble is not easy to find every time. That’s why we put a trekking pole on the first of our list of auxiliary items, to tell new campers teh importance of a trekking pole.

Using a trekking pole correctly can relieve about 30% of pressure on your legs, especially when walking down hills, it can protect your knees from getting too tired, and can help you walk better on the mountain hill and protect your ankles. I will bring you a lot of inconvenience if you hurt your ankles while hiking especially in a mountain.

You may not need a trekking pole while hiking up if you are energetic and have a physical body. But you will definitely need one if there is a rain or hiking on a hill after a rain, it will keep you steady.

2. Quick-dry hiking pants and clothes

In the mountain especially on the top of mountain is really very windy. You easily get sweaty while hiking, so it is easy to get a cold without wearing fast-dry clothes and pants. You would not want to have a high temperature during a happy camping trip. Wearing quick-dry clothes also greatly increase the level of comfort of you, long pants can help prevent mosquitoes and bugs bit, can keep your skin safe from sunburn, and can help avoid scratches from branches in the wood. If you think you will not go camping or hiking often, you can wear some clothes which are comfort for sports.

3. Toiletries

Although we are in a mountain and the conditions is very primitive, we still have to pay attention to our personal hygiene, so please bring mouthwash, wet wipes and some tissues in order to keep tidy.


4. Knee pads

Knee pads can be used while going both up and down the mountain, they can protect your knees from injury. More of all, they are cheap and lightweight, you can find many types to purchase. You will feel how clever to have a pair of knee pads.

5. A lightweight blanket

If you have enough space, I would suggest to take a blanket with you. Better to bring a lightweight, compact and warm enough one. It will keep you warm in morning and evening when you want to cook some meals or a cup of morning coffee out of the tent, you can also wrap yourself with it before going into your sleeping bag if you think your sleeping bag is not warm enough.

6. A Raincoat

Something unexpected may happen any time, what if it just start to rain when you are in the mountain? Even you had checked the weather forecast before you step on your first camping trip, this could still happen, so always be ready for sudden situations, you don’t want your first thing to do after setting up a tent is hanging all your wet clothes, don’t you?

Put a raincoat in your backpack in case it rains, you can also use it as a waterproof carpet to spread out on a rock or on the ground when you want to take a short break.

I will think about more auxiliary items for outdoors that may be useful for a new camper ans share in my next article!

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