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Essential guide to a high-protein diet

For people who lose weight, the most troublesome thing every day is not how many kilometers to run today, do a few squats, but what exactly do you eat today? Although you are often advised to "hold your mouth and open your legs" to ensure that the nutrition you eat is comprehensive and adequate, it is the right way to open up for fitness.

Why do many friends always feel hungry after eating?

That's because you don't have a scientific diet.

A delicious and full-bodied diet plan requires not only low calories, but also sufficient protein. The combination of high protein, low carbohydrate, and low fat is the perfect fat-reducing diet.

Why is protein so important?

There are many types of proteins in the human body, but they are basically formed by 20 amino acid permutations and combinations. Of these 20 amino acids, 9 are essential amino acids. The so-called essential amino acid is that we must obtain it from food species, and the human body cannot synthesize it by itself.

The reason why protein is important to us is that almost every cell in the human body has protein. Proteins also play an important role in building immune tissues that protect your body from foreign bodies such as foreign bacteria. Protein is even more important for people who build muscle, because muscle building depends almost entirely on protein intake. If you want muscle mass, you need to add protein in time. Therefore, for general fitness meals, we recommend that you focus on high-protein diets.

Of course, protein is not as much as possible. You know, as long as the calorie intake exceeds the standard, it will turn into fat and grow on the body. Of course, the process of converting protein into fat is still a bit complicated, much harder than eating fat and long fat. Therefore, in the case of controlling total calories, it is easier to reduce fat and gain muscle by taking more protein.


Fat loss or muscle gain, protein intake ratios are also different

The two goals have different fitness goals, and the proportion of protein intake will also be different. During muscle gain, carbohydrate intake should generally account for 50% of total intake. Carbohydrates have the effect of saving protein, promoting amino acid transport and absorption, and are highly cost-effective and easy to obtain.


During fat loss, protein should account for a large portion of the diet, as far as possible to balance postprandial blood glucose. During fat loss, protein has the effect of protecting muscles and increasing calorie expenditure.


Having said so much, it ’s not tasty and useless

You know the truth, but some of the muscle-fat and fat-reducing meals are really indescribable; think of those cold, cold recipes that are less oily and less salty, which makes it hard to swallow. I have no fun eating, what fat loss? !! It took human ancestors so many years to climb to the top of the food chain, not just to eat grass!

The following classic high-protein ingredients can also be made delicious ~


1. Chicken breast

Fighters in high-protein foods contain 19.4 grams of protein, 72 grams of water, and 5 grams of fat per 100 grams of chicken breast. The fat content is lower than common eating parts such as chicken wings and chicken legs.

Peeled chicken breasts are marinated and fried in a pan. Before leaving the pan, brush with a thin layer of honey to adjust the taste. All ingredients in this dish are considered from a low-fat health perspective, while also taking into account .

2. Beef

Each 100 grams of lean beef contains 20.2 grams of protein, 75.2 grams of moisture, and only 2.3 grams of fat. Not only lean beef, but most of the meat in cattle is low in fat and high in protein.

Quick-cooked steaks are not only milky and juicy, but also medium in thickness.

3. Eggs

Every 100 grams of egg white contains 11.6 grams of protein, 84.4 grams of water, and a fat content of almost zero. In addition to having higher cholesterol than protein, egg yolk is also great for protein. It is best to eat whole eggs if cholesterol intake is not exceeded.

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