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How to choose outdoor gear-suit for amateur?

Equipment list before departure:

Before traveling, you should choose according to destination, schedule, and season, and make reasonable combinations, and try to be as lightweight as possible while ensuring safety and comfort.

  • day short-term: mountaineering bag selection of about 15 liters; tight-fitting sweat underwear; quick-drying clothes warehouse; softshell, Andes (choose one) ); Mountaineering shoes (medium and low tops, plus a snow cover in winter); trekking poles (carbon fiber is easy to become brittle at below zero, you can choose a mixture of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy trekking poles); seamless headband; hat; gloves; road meal; water cup; Hiking socks; knee pads; thigh and calf protection; wiping towel; personal medicine, etc.
  • 2 days camping line: 15-30 liters mountaineering bag (try not to hang out), tent, sleeping bag, moisture-proof pad, tight-wicking underwear; quick-drying clothes; softshell, ass; down jacket; assault pants, softshell pants; Trekking poles; seamless headbands; hats; gloves; gloves; road meals; drinking cups; hiking socks; knee pads; thigh and leg protection; personal medicine and so on.
  • Some suggestions to amateurs:

    • We need to properly assess physical fitness and wiring, begin from 1-day short-term;
    • The choice of equipment must not be bought randomly, you can listen to the opinions of others or go online to understand the performance of the equipment;
    • Never compare. The gear that suits you is the best;
    • Protect your privacy and security.


    Hope it helps you. Wish everyone a happy journey in advance.

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