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How to choose outdoor gear-suit for amateur-4

It usually takes 1-2 days for outdoor hiking. Long-term exercise is not a small burden on physical strength, so it is necessary to choose suitable gear and food to reduce physical loss.

  1. How to choose trekking shoes?

Hiking shoes mainly include: soles, uppers, laces, tongues, linings and other 5 elements.

The sole mainly plays the role of anti-skid and shock absorption. The sole of the sole is preferably Vibram rubber;

The upper is mainly used for waterproofing and breathability. At present, the most common materials are pure leather fabrics and leather fabrics, as well as textile mixed fabrics.

Basically, all hiking shoes need a certain amount of running-in time. It is recommended not to wear new shoes to go hiking directly, of course, there are some products that do not need running-in.


2. How to choose hiking socks?

Hiking socks are the second barrier to protect your feet. You can choose suitable hiking socks according to the mid, bottom and high tops of hiking shoes.

Wool socks are comfortable and warm, with good breathability. At the same time, they can take away the sweat from the feet, so as to avoid the foaming of the feet. The mixed use of wool and synthetic materials has shock absorption on the one hand and reduces Adsorption of water vapor by fibers.


  1. Outdoor hiking insect protection equipment

Try to wear long-sleeved clothes and trousers when hiking outdoors. On the one hand, you can avoid sunburn, and on the other hand, you can prevent insects. However, there is always exposed skin. Mosquito repellent, cool oil, and toilet water can be applied to exposed skin. When camping, You can choose wild chrysanthemums, wormwood, etc. to ignite mosquitoes and so on to a certain extent.

Tourists try not to lie down in the wet shade, on the grass, and by the water. If camping in the wild, you can order wormwood, artemisia annua, cypress leaves, wild chrysanthemum and other mosquitoes.

In addition, do not camp near rivers, lakes, creeks, etc., where there are more mosquitoes. When walking, try not to walk through the grass, which is the home of many insects.

If you must walk through the grass, it is best to tie the trousers tube first to prevent bugs from entering.


4. How to choose food?

Food is mainly composed of compounds, fats, and proteins:

Carbohydrates are easily digested and absorbed by the body, which in turn releases the energy required for human activities. Because of the fast digestion and absorption, such foods are used as road food;

Fat digestion takes longer and therefore serves as a longer-lasting energy source;

Protein mainly provides the source needed by the body during the trekking process, so a reasonable mix helps the energy source during the trekking process.


Hope you all can buy the gear that suits you! See you next time!

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