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How to eat before and after running(1)

How to eat before and after running(1)

Before running: Do not eat too much food within an hour before running.

After running: If it is a light exercise such as a walk, it does not matter if it is performed immediately after a meal. But brisk walking, running, and other relatively intense exercises should still be performed one hour after a meal.


The reason is:


The food you eat, the body needs to consume energy and time to digest, which will allow the blood to send more oxygen and energy to the stomach, that is, the oxygen and energy distributed by your muscles will become smaller in a short time after a meal .


If the time for eating and running is too close, the food has not been completely digested, but will roll up and down in the stomach during running, which will make people feel very uncomfortable, and even feel nausea. This is also very easy to cause abnormal gastric acid secretion, and it is likely to cause stomach pain when you run.


If it is an easy run lasting less than 60 minutes, there is nothing wrong with not eating or just drinking water before running.


But if it's a more intense run, it's important to eat something before running. You will get tired quickly when you go out on an empty stomach, and it will be more difficult to reach the target pace. This will put a lot of pressure on the body, and the training effect will be greatly reduced. It is better to eat a high-carb meal 2-3 hours in advance.



The general principle is: the closer you are to exercise, the less you eat! Avoid eating high-fiber foods, high-fat foods, these foods may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Foods that are easy to digest and easy to absorb are generally recommended for running, and supplemented with about 300-500 calories of high-carbon water, low-fat foods containing certain proteins, such as soft bread, noodles, fruits, energy gum, etc., try to eat one hour in advance Finish.

You can also eat some snacks before departure, such as a banana, a cup of hot coffee, a little sports drink, these can help you improve the quality of exercise.

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