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Our new product: Compressed Disposable towels(3)

  1. Use of compressed towel

Compressed towels are actually the same as ordinary towels, but they should be smaller and easy to carry.

The compressed towel after use can be used as a rag to wipe TV, computer screen, wash dishes, wipe the car interior, etc.


Application scenarios of compressed towels

Business trip: For the sake of hygiene, please bring some compressed towels before travelling.

Travel: Compressed towels are light and small, which is both practical and lighten the burden. It is one of the essential items for travel professionals.

Home practical: Go to relatives and friends to play and it is inconvenient to bring a traditional towel, bring a small compressed towel, you can take it out at any time, and you can also use it as a rag after use.


  1. Why use a compressed towel

The first is its hygiene

For the sake of hygiene and cleanliness, we can prepare a compressed towel, which can clear people's concerns about towel hygiene.

Second is its portability

Compressed towels are relatively small, and they don’t take up much space in the bag. You can throw them away when you travel or travel, and you do n’t need to bring them back wet.


  1. Commercial use of compressed towels

The compressed towel is relatively small in size, and it is a beautiful, hygienic and convenient towel, which enables the towel to have new functions such as appreciation, gift, collection, gift, hygiene and disease prevention.

Can be used as an advertising carrier: Each outer package prints a color advertisement designated by the customer. The product can be used as a promotional gift for large companies, shopping malls, finance, telecommunications and other major companies.

Can make souvenirs: Compressed towels can also be given as small gifts, with the unit name, products or scenic spots printed on it, which can be used as a beautiful, elegant, novel and practical souvenir.

Applicable gift-giving occasions: advertising promotions, business gifts, festivals, housewarming, birthdays, weddings, awards, trade fairs, anniversary celebrations, opening ceremonies, employee benefits, public relations planning.

Applicable to related units: It is applicable to tourism companies, hotels, hotels, agencies, factories, banks, insurance, post and telecommunications offices, schools and other fields. It has become a must-have for people traveling and traveling.


  1. Quality identification of compressed towels

The production process of compressed towel is to sterilize-compress-pack a towel. It is difficult to judge the quality of compressed towel from the appearance. So how to identify the quality of compressed towel?

The main quality indicators of compressed towels are cotton content, yarn count, weight, color fastness, texture, etc.


  1. Comparison of compressed towels with traditional textile towels

Portability comparison: Compressed towels are small and individually packaged, which is better than traditional towels.

Safety comparison: Traditional towels are placed on shelves without special insulation packaging. Compressed towels are packaged after disinfection before use.

Softness contrast: knitted towels have yarn technology, compared with higher softness.

Hygiene comparison: Traditional towels are usually reused, and bacteria are prone to grow in a humid environment after use. Compressed towels have a shorter life than traditional towels, and are relatively sanitary than traditional towels.

Price comparison: The process of making knitted fabrics is more complicated than non-woven fabrics, and the price of non-woven compressed towels is more advantageous.


  1. How to choose compressed towels

First of all, what is the scene of the compressed towel you applied? Is it a business trip, tourism or home?

Second, what is the quality of your towel? Is it a single cleaning function, portability, hygienic safety, comfort or quality?

Finally, you need to know that the more cotton the compressed towel has, the fuller the towel, the stronger the softness, the stronger the absorbent water, and the better the texture.

Cotton compression towels are generally relatively soft to give a comfortable feeling. They must also be flexible in the hand, have a fluffy feel when applied to the face, and have strong water absorption. After the towels are wrung, the face is washed. Then it will be more comfortable.


  1. Where can I get compressed towels?

Compressed towels are sold on major e-commerce platforms.

According to your financial ability and quality requirements, choose a compression towel that suits you and take responsibility for your health.


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