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Several chemical fiber materials in outdoor products


  1. Polyester: polyester fiber, also known as POLYESTER. The characteristics are good air permeability and moisture removal, as well as strong acid and alkali resistance and ultraviolet resistance. The disadvantage is that it has static problems, that is, it is easy to get dirty. Commonly used for making fleece warm materials and quick-drying materials.


  1. Spandex: stretch nylon, also known as SPANDEX. The advantages are high elasticity, high elasticity and good recovery. Generally, 2% can improve the sense of movement of the fabric. The drape and shape retention, the weak point is weak alkali resistance; it will easily turn yellow after being exposed to chlorine or ultraviolet radiation And embrittlement, poor heat resistance, often used as auxiliary materials and other materials blended together.


  1. Nylon: nylon, also known as Nylon, polyamide fiber. The advantages are high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance, good deformation resistance and aging resistance. The disadvantage is that the hand feels hard. The most common outdoor materials are widely used for exterior materials of backpacks, sleeping bags, clothing and tents.


Relevant indicators of fiber materials:


D: Denier, a unit used to measure the density of textile fibers, showing the weight of fibers per 9,000 meters in grams (ie, the lower the denier, the finer the fibers). The formula D=G/L*9000. That is, fiber weight/fiber length*9000. Commonly used in backpack material strength indicators. 450D and 500D are commonly used. Materials higher than 500D are generally used in parts that are prone to wear, such as the bottom of a backpack.

T: Turks, a unit used to measure the density of textile fibers. It refers to the weight in grams of a 1000 meter long fiber or yarn at a given moisture regain. The formula T=G/L*1000, namely fiber weight/fiber length*1000. It is commonly used in the density index of down product fabrics and tent fabrics. To prevent leakage, the down product fabrics are better than 240T.


Introduction of common fabrics

CoolMax is a polyester fiber from DuPont. It has strong perspiration performance and can quickly drain sweat from the inner layer to the outside, keeping your body dry. CoolMax dries quickly and is comfortable to wear, making it an ideal material for underwear and stockings.


Cordura is a high-strength nylon from DuPont. Taking XX denier (Denier) as the strength standard, the higher it is, the stronger it is. For example, 160D is the thinnest, 330D is relatively strong. The 500D has a high toughness, and many good backpacks use it as the fabric, while the 1000D Cordura is only used for top-quality backpacks. Not only does the backpack use Cordura as the material, but many jackets and fleece jackets are also reinforced with Cordura at the places where the shoulders and elbows are prone to wear.


DURAFLEX fasteners are now synonymous with high-strength fasteners. It is of excellent quality and diverse styles, and is an indispensable element of outdoor products bridging parts. DURAFLEX fasteners have the characteristics of good elasticity, strong toughness, light weight, and not easy to age. The POM series buckles are not affected by temperature changes and perform well at low temperatures, so they are often used in high mountain series products.



YKK is known as the king of zippers in the world, and its manufacturer Yoshida Industrial Co., Ltd. is the world's largest zipper manufacturing company. The length of the zipper produced every year is enough to wrap around the earth 47 times or pull two and a half back and forth from the earth to the moon. It has 1500 patents in Japan and 14 patents in foreign countries. YKK zippers are durable and reliable, especially the waterproof series of zippers developed in recent years, which have made outstanding contributions to the lightweighting and improved waterproofness of outdoor clothing. So far, YKK zippers have been the best choice for world-renowned outdoor brand products.


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