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Sleeping bag-fight the cold winter

Meteorologists have predicted that this year will be a very cold winter. In order to survive the winter, sleeping bag is a very good choice.

In the use of sleeping bags, pay attention to keep dry, because sleeping bags wet after the degree of warmth greatly reduced, especially down sleeping bags, will not be warm at all.So in heavy rainy weather or water activities, to protect it from water, or advance the sleeping bag with a water release bag sealed up. Sleeping bag moisture, in the conditions allow to dry or air dry as soon as possible, down sleeping bags can not be wet for a long time, otherwise it will mold or even moth.


Whether it is down sleeping bag or chemical fiber cotton sleeping bag, in the case of long periods of non-use, try not to compress up to preserve as much as possible to keep the sleeping bag fluffy, a proper sun is also a good way. The purpose of doing so is to maintain the nature of down and cotton, to extend the service life, especially down sleeping bags, try to save in a special down sleeping bag storage bag (loose and breathable cotton bags). Finally sleeping bag as a personal hygiene products, try to avoid borrowing each other.


When using a sleeping bag, there are several ways to improve the level of warmth.

Equipping a good quality moisture-proof pad, which is very important.

Drinking a hot drink before bed if possible to warm up the body.

eating a comfortable meal before going to bed, especially with carbohydrates (starch, sugar).

wearing a long set of warm underwear and clean socks will be very effective.

wearing more clothes when the sleeping bag is not warm enough, or covering the sleeping bag with clothes and other items

sharing a tent with more people.

lighting a gas lamp or stove in the tent, if it is safe to do so.

Build a fire.

Above so many methods may wish to try.



Chemical fiber cotton sleeping bag can be washed directly, if the washing machine is large enough, you can machine wash. When drying try to lay flat or hang in more places to avoid excessive sagging.

Down sleeping bag washing method: according to the down expert's advice, down sleeping bag about 4 years to wash once. Use life of about 10 to 12 years, can be cleaned 3 times. If not too dirty, you can simply clean, such as using a towel sticky gasoline to clean the surface material can be. Sleeping bags in outdoor sports are often dirty, there are more times of cleaning. Cleaning methods are as follows: hand wash or professional machine wash. Hand wash with special down detergent soak, rinse clean, do not over-rub, do not wring. If you want to machine wash, please give it to a professional laundry company. After washing, air-dry or air-dry, make sure it is dry and pat it gently, then store it in the sleeping bag storage bag after it expands naturally.


Do not use alkaline detergent to wash down sleeping bag, do not twist, do not fire drying. Down sleeping bag and cotton sleeping bag liner can be shared (sleeping bag cover) to reduce the chance of washing, while the cotton sleeping bag liner has a role in helping to absorb sweat.


After understanding the maintenance of sleeping bags and washing, I hope you can successfully pass this winter, together to meet 2021.


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