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Welcome To 4Monster! Check Out Our Story.

4Monster Brand Concept: Make You fall In Love With Outdoor Life.

Monster, a giant creature. Everyone has a monster living inside their soul, which is reflected in different cognitive fields. 4Monster's ambition represents a thriving vitality, and believes that everything is possible.You can get many good-use outdoor gear here!


4Monster ,from the love of 4 young people for the outdoors.

Four young people have the opportunity to meet, they were active in different work areas, but they also love outdoor activities in their daily lives, in order to explore the beautiful outdoor world more easily, and to share the beauty of nature with more people in the world, the four created the 4Monster brand in Jiangsu, China in February 2017.                                                               

Being full of the determination of four like-minded post-80s young people, 4 Monster aims to pursue a wonderful world, bold innovation to break through secular restrictions and embrace the world as a monster, constantly surpassing and striving forward, from which the brand of 4 Monster comes.


4Monster Brand has been trying to create unlimited possibilities every day since its inception.

The founders of 4 Monster are outdoor travel enthusiasts. They are both good friends and good teachers for more primitive teeth and children on the spiritual road. Loving the outdoors brings them the gradual improvement of their physical health as well as the washing and the filling of their hearts. They devote their enthusiasm to outdoor activities to every 4Monster product with the idea of keeping people moving forward and listening to their hearts. 4Monster hopes to inspire people to "see the big world " through the products. 4Monster's team is dedicated to the research and development, improvement and production of outdoor sports products. Lightweight and fashionable product design breaks people's awareness of the need for carrying a large number of heavy equipment in outdoor activities, and adds more vitality and youth elements to outdoor activities, aiming to let outdoor enthusiasts have lighter, farther, more fashionable outdoor experience, and inspire non-outdoor enthusiasts to go out of  the house for more outdoor explorations!

4Monster's products are suitable for mountain climbing, hiking, camping, water sports, fishing and other outdoor activities, or weekend outdoor travel with family and friends. As a result, it introduced the concept of "light outdoor", which is the product of lightweight, the representative of miniature outdoor, as well as the product of 4Monster that can be used for mountain climbing or hiking, and can make outdoor life worldwide. When it comes to outdoor travel, people usually have a heavy backpacker image in their minds, so the core concept of 4Monster is to light weight people’s outdoor gear, to start with simplicity, and throw away all the worries in their minds, leaving them with a light pace to the outdoor life. Therefore, accompanied by 4Monster, people can enjoy the sunrise, listen to the sounds of nature, appreciate the beauty of mountains and rivers, relax with those you love and hug the be loved ones.


With vigorous vitality and modern science and technology, 4Monster is able to create a different life.

For light outdoor sportswear, 4Monster's bold and innovative design concept and modern technology can satisfy people’s desire to breathe fresh air. With portable backpack into wonderful, microfiber towel, and by using different technologies, travelers can explore different inner world in the light of going out.

Everything is possible. The world is under your feet. If you have the courage to take the first step, everything in the world will come to you. Like our product vision, we want to be the leader both in our life and in our work. Therefore, if you stop, you may lose your motivation, and you may even miss beautiful scenery in your life. Life is like a marathon. Some people fall down or lose their direction on the way, but life itself is full of rising and falling thus if you fall down, try to stand up again and run with your inner fullness and light bags on your shoulders. With 44Monster, you can shake off all kinds of pressure and explore outdoors!

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