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What is the essential equipment for surfing


1、The necessary equipment for surfing has a foot rope

It is an important accessory to ensure the safety of everyone, when falling into the water, you can follow it to find the surfboard, and also to ensure that the surfboard will not rush back to shore with the waves or run into other surfers.


2、The necessary equipment for surfing is non-slip wax

Waxed surfboards are more effective in increasing the friction between the body and the board, making it more stable and easier to sit upright on the board.



3、The necessary equipment for surfing are clothes

In summer, it is recommended to wear anti-friction clothes, which can prevent friction and waterproof mother from the sun; in winter, it is recommended to wear cold-proof clothes, which can effectively resist cold and surf for a longer time. In addition, beach changing robe,beach shoes and quick-drying beach pants are also necessary.


4、The necessary equipment for surfing is tail fin

A surfboard with a tail fin can be used for better acceleration and directional control, and there are single, three-piece or five-piece tail fins. Usually long boards use a single large tail fin, while other boards with three or five fins are used.

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