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What to do if you get lost outdoors and heat stroke?

Today, I will talk to you about things like getting lost outdoors. These problems are outdoor accidents with a very high probability of happening outdoors, so we plan to talk about these things seriously and scientifically with you.


Preventive measures: plan and prepare in advance; keep on the established route


Before participating in outdoor activities, check the weather forecast and make the worst plan;


Collect and understand the geographical information of the area in advance, and select the easily identifiable landmarks to travel;


Use mobile phone navigation;


Learn to use and use the compass, topographic map and GPS;


Mark the uncertain areas;


Walk along paths and mature routes, avoid opening roads or changing the action plan without authorization, and keep the established route;


Never go ahead blindly when judging the wrong direction.


Treatment: STOP principle; self-help; help


The STOP principle is Stay, Think, Observe, Plan


First of all, stay where you are, don’t act arbitrarily; then think calmly; judge the current situation as objectively and comprehensively as possible; then observe the situation of the players, teams and surrounding environment, and find possible solutions; finally, comprehensively analyze various factors and plan The next step.


Note: Save yourself before calling for help. After getting lost, you should solve the problem according to the specific situation according to the scientific treatment. When walking in the wild, at least 4 people must walk together. In an emergency, you can leave one person to stay, and the other two people go to the same place for help.


If the entire team gets lost, it should be:


Stop and remove the backpack; test the wrong distance; use the map and the north arrow to determine the current position; climb to a high place or look over the tree; calm judgment, scientific help. If you can clearly know where you are and know where you are going, you should mark the location so that you can return to the location and find the way again (marking the route is convenient for you to return on the one hand, but also beneficial Others search).

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