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Why are outdoor gears such expensive? ( Part 1 )

We always think that outdoor gears are super expensive, but actually, they are not that expensive. Go on Amazon and make a search, you will find out that many of them may be just cost 10 or 20 dollars.

What we really care about is, the “outdoor gears” that we think should be professional outdoor equipment with brand and reputation, not just with the name of “outdoor gears”.

Outdoor gears look like outdoor gears going outdoor

How come?

Because I deeply remember that when I was ignorant, I bought the 40 dollars jacket that was praised by thousands of people, the impenetrable water vapor formed the freezing cold feeling. I also remember shivering in that large and inactive sleeping bag, and I couldn’t sleep at night. I will never forget the helplessness of the weightlessness when the trekking pole suddenly broke for no reason during the journey.

You thought that a tent should be waterproof, search on e-commerce platform and every information of tent says that it can prevent several thousand millimeters of rainfall. But in reality is, you will get to know that buying a leak-free tent is almost impossible.

And the trekking pole, which is really important in outdoor to keep you safe, but every time you can see some broken ones are thrown away on your way hiking.


What a weird thing it is! People are crazy about buying outdoor gears as if telling everyone that they are going outdoors, but for the reason of wearing them, people don’t know, and they don’t actually care.


Outdoor gears should be to protect you and save your ass, do not give other meanings to the gears.

You may often be puzzled, groups of people are fully armed and wrapped up tightly with equipment only for going to a scenic spot and simply just climbing stone stairs. Is that really necessary?

The answer is, it is NOT NECESSARY for many situations! Some places in outdoor only need an easy backpack and some loosen enough clothes and an umbrella, you also can enjoy nature while it is raining.

4Monster is an outdoor brand that can help people go outdoor easily with some super lightweight backpacks and so on. You don’t need such professional backpacks or gears for just a simple hike on a small hill or mountain nearby your house. They are mostly at a nice price and design for easy carrying.


Then what kind of situations will you need really professional equipment in outdoor? When you think the umbrella will occupy one hand while it is raining, and that causing you inconvenience to pull off the dense forest in front of you. When your shoes are soaked and there is still a long way like 30 kilometers to go. When your knees are shaking and there is a long stone slope waiting for you to get down. While you are lying in a tent, you feel the cold wind is killing you. Yes you need some professional and heavy ones.


Therefore, the most important feature of outdoor equipment is its function, the various functions that can protect your body and ensure your safety, have nothing to do with any identity tag, image enhancement or good style looking.

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