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About Us


4Monster brand concept: Easy come easy go, make you fall in love with outdoor life.


Monster, a giant creature. Everyone has a monster living inside their soul, which is reflected in different cognitive fields. 4Monster's ambition represents a thriving vitality, and believes that everything is possible.


4Monsterfrom the love of 4 young people for the outdoors

Four young people have the opportunity to meet, they were active in different work areas, but they also love outdoor activities in their daily lives, in order to explore the beautiful outdoor world more easily, and to share the beauty of nature with more people in the world, the four created the 4Monster brand in February 2017. 

Being full of the determination of four like-minded post-80s young people, 4 Monster aims to pursue a wonderful world, bold innovation to break through secular restrictions and embrace the world as a monster, constantly surpassing and striving forward, from which the brand of 4 Monster comes.

4Monster Family

We have great teams for about 30 staffs. We are a young and creative team with an average age of 25. 

With this crew who is full of energy and imagination, 4Monster are able to create something new and fresh for outdoor activities.




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