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4Monster EVA Antibacterial Travel Towel

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Material: 85% Polyester & 15% polyamide Package: EVA case Towel Size: XXL 35.5”x71”      XL 29.6”x59.1”       L  23.6”x47.3”    M  19.7”x39.4”      S   15.8”x31.5”     XS ...
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Product details

Material: 85% Polyester & 15% polyamide

Package: EVA case

Towel Size:

XXL 35.5”x71”      XL 29.6”x59.1”       L  23.6”x47.3”   

19.7”x39.4”      S   15.8”x31.5”     XS    11.8”x19.7”

Pack Size: 

XXL    7.9”x4.7”x2.8”                XL     6.9”x4.1”x2.2”                         L       6.7”x3.5”x1.6”

M      5.5”x3.5”x1.6”                 S      4.3”x2.8”x1.8”                         XS     3.3”x2.2”x1.6”

Weight: 13.6oz, 9.9oz, 6.5oz, 4.9oz, 3.2oz, 1.8oz



4Monster Microfiber Travel Towel

This is the third EVA case towel we designed. Made of microfiber fabric, lightweight and soft, super fastdry and absorbent. Adding anti-bacterial agent makes the towel got less chance of breeding bacteria. EVA case as a package makes it easier to carry while traveling. Eleven colors and six sizes can meet your needs.

The first one we focus on is portable and soft. The second towel is highly absorbent and ideal for water sports.

The third is a combination of the previous two models. It is soft, light and easy to carry, and also absorbs water very well. If you are not sure what you will encounter on the road, this towel will be your first choice.

85% polyester & 15% polyamide material,the perfect combination of softness, lightness and strong water absorption.


Customer Reviews

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Ms. Bu
Compact and neat for handy access in the car.

This was as expected. I haven't used it yet. I liked the tidy and compact storage and presentation of a handy item for my "in case of emergency" kit to keep in my car. Pretty colors to pick from, too.

Kristie A.
Lifesaver for sweat!

I have hyperhydrosis and my head starts dripping at the first sign of temperature increase. This towel is like a shammy for my head, keeping me dry, yet the towel doesn’t seem to get wet - even after hours of wiping sweat from my brow. No odor & ridiculously light weight. The XS fits easily in my pocket yet provides ample coverage. I definitely recommend!

Very nice towel

It's the little things that make a difference. When I'm in the woods it's nice to have a compact towel that does the job of much larger towels. This is an excellent towel for the backpack. Very highly recommended!

Short dry time

Absolutely love these towels and washcloth. I bought them for travel cause I have sensitive skin hotel detergents break me out in rashes. These were very absorbent if you squeeze them out they dry within a few hours. 5 thumbs up.

Works well. Great for the gym bag

My husband and I each bought one to use to shower at the gym. Using a microfiber towel is different for showering, but it’s effective. The carrying case is great.

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