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Beach camping experience(2)

Look up at the stars at night and listen to the call of the waves in your ears. If you don't hate these, then you can start enjoying camping with the sea breeze and beautiful scenery at the same time!Let's pay attention to safety issues while enjoying!


  1. waterproof

The beach is damp for two or three days after it has rained. Tent ground cloth is not good if you have to pay attention to moisture. The rain cloth will be laid under the tent can be water and moisture, heavy rain can be covered on top of the tent, how much rain can not be watered through. Also pay attention to the time of high and low tide. The sea that looks far away during the day may come to the tent at night. You can ask local people about the high tide time. It is safe to camp next to dense vegetation right next to the beach.


  1. Sleeping

Beach camping is all concentrated in summer. If the beach is dry, it will be fluffy and soft, and you can sleep directly on it after leveling. If the beach is wet, it will be very hard, and then you need a moisture-proof mat to keep out the cold and moisture. Check the tent for mosquitoes before sleeping.



  1. food and drink

Barbecue is very suitable for the beach, cooking seafood is also very good, but must eat fresh. You can dig clams, catch crabs, etc. on the beach at low tide. Seafood is cooked in water, no seasoning is needed, and the water is boiling. For barbecue, pay attention to the ingredients. Some ingredients become tasteless in half a day in the hot summer, so it is best to buy them before the meal. The shelf life of canned food is longer.



  1. swimming

Sea water swimming is more complicated than river and lake water. There may be unseen rocks in the undeveloped bathing areas, so be careful. Sometimes there are "puddles" on the beach underwater, so it is best for people with average water to swim in shallow water and in a group. 


I'm sure you'll love beach camping if you take the above precautions!

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