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How to wear mask and glasses without fog?

Due to the epidemic, masks have become a necessity that we cannot live without.

Now that the weather has cooled considerably, the masks can't be taken off, we have to take care of both the cold and the epidemic!


Although the advantages of masks are obvious to all, but - masks + glasses = a second fog!

How to wear mask and glasses without fog?

Once read a news report: a driver because of glasses fogged up can not see the road conditions occurred rear-end, nearly caused a major traffic accident not to mention the loss of a considerable amount of money. So glasses fogged up in winter, not only inconvenient life, but also safety risks!

New glasses anti-fog cloth, use it to wipe glasses all day without fog!

Before wearing glasses wipe a wipe, anti-fog 24h! Do not wait, immediately wipe the shadow, clear vision all day!

This anti-fog cloth, the whole family can use, wipe the lens, camera lens, cell phone screen, helmet lens, car glass, mirror ...... where the fog wipe where.

Recommended reasons

1, anti-fog technology ahead of its time, the quality is excellent, the reputation is superb!

2, no waiting, immediately wipe the shadow! Effective anti-fog up to 24 hours! Go out and wipe once, clear vision all day.

3, a repeated use of 500 times, frequent wipe will not damage the lens, reliable and secure material, non-toxic and odorless.

4, a cloth multi-use wipe at will, glasses, cell phones, bathroom mirrors, SLR lenses, car glass ... where the fog wipe where, full marks for practicality.

Anti-fog cloth contains high-tech nano-material formula, wipe all kinds of lenses or glass with it, can prevent the surface condensation of water beads, so that the formation of water fog; the use of efficient formula to quickly dissolve the removal of dirt. If interested, please feel free to inquire.

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