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How to deal with the mountain lost?

Outdoors in the mountains, walking on mountain trails is a little more risky than visiting regular scenic spots. We need to think about it. If we get lost while traveling in the country, what should we do?


  1. Plan the route in advance


Before traveling, you need to plan the travel route in advance, understand the basic information of the entrance, passing place, and road conditions of the walking route, and make adequate preplanning measures for the difficult walking section on the road, such as bypassing other safe routes, or setting up ropes, etc. At the same time, according to the difficulty of the route, it is necessary to arrange the travel time reasonably and start as early as possible to avoid going downhill.


  1. Prepare sufficient materials


Each member participating in the event must carry sufficient spare clothing, food, water, first aid kits and personal medicines, trekking poles and backpacks, etc. according to the route, and can also carry outdoor assistants if possible Common mountain communication query tools to meet the communication needs under extreme conditions.


  1. Reasonably arrange the division of labor among team members


If a small team walks on the mountain, you need to arrange a team member who is familiar with the route to lead the way. If no one in the team walks this way, you can download or print the map in advance and download the outdoor assistant or other professional mountain navigation software on the mobile phone. , And view the trajectory and route of the walking area, understand the route of the route, the location information of each withdrawal point and other route information. In addition to arranging personnel to lead the way, it is also necessary to arrange personnel with better physical fitness to be responsible for finishing up at the end, so that they can echo back and forth without leaving anyone.


  1. Count the number of teams in time


The team travels in the wild. If there are many people, it needs to be divided into multiple teams to facilitate the counting of the number of teams. It will not take a long time to lose the players before they realize it. And every time you take a break and start again after the break, you need to count the number of people to ensure that the team members are always together.


  1. Remember the road carefully and be alert for the roads that are easy to get lost


In the process of traveling, you should always pay attention to the conditions of the road sections along the way, and carefully record the boulders, big trees, grasslands, woods and other strong identifying objects seen along the way. It is not obvious when passing through the dense forest, the foot of the turning road, the bifurcation junction or the track. When waiting for lots, be sure to shrink the formation. Make directional marks where necessary for doubt.


  1. Avoid risky exploration


In the case of dense fog and low visibility, do not venture out of the way to avoid entering a more dangerous area after getting lost.

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