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What should do if you really get lost?


Stay calm and calm, and avoid panicking and walking around.



You can open the outdoor assistant software downloaded on your mobile phone, write down the latitude, longitude and altitude of your location, and find the walking path of the nearby predecessors, and try to find the correct path.



Go back to the place where you can find confidence, and then make a new attempt according to the road conditions, and mark the way until you are on the right path.



If you can't return to the correct road, you can find an open area near the lost point, which can ensure a safe shelter, and at the same time it is convenient to call the police for help.




In the process of asking for help, pay attention to the physical condition of the team members and appease the emotions of everyone. You can unify the coordination of food, drinking water, clothing and other materials, and take care of the teammates who lack the materials until all members go down safely.




If the waiting time is long, in order to save the battery of the mobile phone, you can turn on one mobile phone and turn off the other mobile phones temporarily; if there is only one mobile phone and you need to save electricity, you can communicate with the rescuers at the agreed time point. It can be turned off to prevent the help-seeker from running out of power.


No matter where you are about to leave, you need to report your travel plan with your family before leaving. Let's travel happily and go home safely!

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