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Ten attention points about camping (I)

Whether you are about to stick to camping as your hobby, or as a way of life for some time in the future, or you want to bring your children close to nature, the first time is very, very important. If you fail or experience a bad experience, you may give up All previous thoughts, stay away from camping. So I’m here to bring you as much experience as possible, so that you can have a better first experience and not completely fail.

Every point I talk about next is important.


  • Don't be a lone ranger

Even if your entire camping group is a novice, it doesn’t matter. I won’t repeat the benefits of more people here. In the actual camping process, you will deeply realize how wonderful it is to have friends by your side. .



  • Don’t choose campsites that are too far and remote

If you take a family with you, it is recommended to go to a formal camping park, the infrastructure is relatively complete, even if the equipment is not complete, you can deal with it calmly. If you still want to seek a little excitement, it is best to choose the suburbs of the city, and there is a village not far from the camp. If you encounter unnecessary trouble or extreme weather, you can quickly seek help.


  • Don't go to places where there is no cell phone signal

We are camping, not surviving in the wilderness; we are to explore interesting lifestyles, not to break away from modern civilization. In any case, there must be good means of communication with the outside world, otherwise it will be catastrophic to encounter danger.


  • Don’tchoose to go out in extreme weather

First of all, we must avoid the winter. Although there are many friends who are starting to play with the fire account, this is definitely not a novice should consider. Appropriate outdoor temperature will greatly improve your goodwill for camping activities. Avoid thunderstorms, strong winds, sand and dust, etc.


  • Carry plenty of drinking water

Camping outdoors is still a more physically demanding thing. Sometimes we expel a lot of water by hurriedly opening our mouths to breathe, but we often go unnoticed, resulting in symptoms of dehydration (hypertonic dehydration). In severe cases, it may be life-threatening.


  • Don’t tryto light a bonfire

Although the bonfire can add a lot of color to your camping activities, if the fire is caused by lack of experience, it will not be worth the gain. If you are in a relatively open camp with no weeds, you can try as appropriate.

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