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What exactly is Dyneema® Fabrics (DF) fabric?(1)

The strongest fiber in the world today

The magic of Dyneema® fabric comes from the use of Dyneema® fiber.


Dyneema® fibers, also known as Dyneema fibers, are technically classified as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers, the strongest substance mankind can synthesize today.Dyneema® fibers are one thousandth of an inch thick and have a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, which makes them the strongest fibers in the world today.

Dyneema® fibers have a higher tensile strength for the same mass and a lighter mass for the same tensile strength than other fibers.

Dyneema® fibers have 15 times the tensile strength of steel for the same mass.

The tensile strength is 40% higher than aramid for the same mass.

Floats on water and is resistant to moisture, UV light and chemicals.

Dyneema® fiber products are used in life protection (bullet-proof vests/cut-proof gloves), heavy duty lifting (cables/slings), armor protection, outdoor gear, etc.


Dyneema® fabric classification

Dyneema® fabrics (Dyneema® Fabrics) are fabric fabrics made from Dyneema® fibers in the form of compounding and blending. There are five main forms of Dyneema® fabrics on the market today.

Among them, Dyneema® carbon fiber blended fabrics, Dyneema® blended denim fabrics, Dyneema® knitted blended fabrics and Dyneema® woven blended fabrics, all of them are made by blending Dyneema® fibers with other fibers through different weaving methods to create new fabrics and enhance the performance of fabrics with the advantages of Dyneema® fibers. They can be collectively called Dyneema® blended fabrics.


Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (DCF) is a film made of a middle layer of Dyneema® fibers and a thin laminate of polyester on top and bottom. The middle layer is a solid layer of Dyneema® fibers, and can be laminated with other films to take its strength and durability to new heights. Dyneema® laminate fabrics are the strongest performance fabrics available in Dyneema® fabrics.


Dyneema® composite fabrics

The precursor - coarse benzene fiber

Dyneema® composite fabrics are formerly known as Cuben Fiber. Despite the name, Cuben Fiber is a non-woven laminate film made by laminating ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers with polyester and other films.

It was originally developed by Cubic Tech Corporation to make sails for racing sailboats. In 2009, Cubic Tech named the performance-optimized coarse-phenylene fiber CTF3. In 2015, Cubic Tech was acquired by DSM subsidiary Dyneema, and the coarse-phenylene fiber (CTF3) was renamed Dyneema® laminate fabric (DCF).


Fabric Properties

Dyneema® composite fabrics (hereinafter DCF) are available in different thicknesses and weights and can be used to manufacture different types of products. The heavier DCFs have a higher density of Dyneema fibers, which increases their strength. Mixing the DCF variant and laminating it with polyester film makes it more wear resistant. DCF is laminated with other fabric films in order to provide better performance, and the performance of the final fabric will vary when DCF is laminated with a film with different properties.

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