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Amateur Camping outdoor (Part 1)

The purpose of this article is to allow as many amateur outdoor enthusiasts to clarify their needs and budgets, and be able to independently choose a set of equipment that suits themselves.When it comes having a great adventure, it often starts with picking the right gear. 

An amateur of camping must always be head ache about what to buy and where to buy their equipment. Well, actually ,you can find almost every thing you need for camping on Am*zon. But also there are too many brands and too many options. How to find those you really need?

Before buying your stuff, you have to know something about camping.


  1. Choose a destination

Friends who want to experience outdoor camping must first choose where to go (including height, transportation), what season to go next, and then consider the day trip or camping. Usually novice campers will choose a place with a difficulty factor of 0.5 ~ 1. If the route is too difficult, it will be miserable ... If you don’t know which one is right for beginners, you can go on some outdoor enthusiasts discussion forums and search for recommendations.

 Make a plan for your route, that can help avoid time waist on your way. And always check the weather forecast of the destination and make sure you can bring everything you need on your trip.

  1. Necessity

 Now we can start preparing the equipment you may need after choosing where to camp.

The first you need is a pair of shoes.

I have seen a lot of people who are struggling in the steep slopes, especially the muddy landslides after rain. If you don’t have a pair of powerful hiking shoes, you will go all the way in pain. I'm not alarmist. Choosing a good pair of hiking shoes is a top priority.

How to choose a pair of shoes? It depends on your destination. If your camping spot is not some high altitude mountain or a jokulsnow mountain, you just need a pair of low-cut hiking shoes.

If you decide to camp on a jokulsnow mountain, you will need a pair of good camping boots, mid-cut boots. The soles of camping boots are thicker then other shoes. It can protect you from rocks and cold snow and can avoid injured better. There are many brands of outdoor gears that sell hiking shoes.

A pair of shoes that is suitable for your camping trip is very important.

The breathability and waterproof performance of hiking shoes are in conflict. If your feet sweat easily, choose shoes with relatively good breathability. Otherwise, choose shoes with strong waterproof performance. If you are going camping on a rise , there is really no necessary to buy hiking shoes, normal sports shoes will do.

Ready your boots, the second is a backpack.

All the way to the camping spot is mainly based on your foot strength, followed by your carrying capacity. It is especially important to choose a suitable rucksack. The space and comfort of the backpack must be considered.

If this is your first camping, you will usually bring more things, backpack comes in all sizes, get the right amount of liters for your trip. If you are not too tight in hand, you will not regret buying a better backpack.

There are many ultralight and packable backpacks now.

Fit is as another crucial consideration, carrying most of the weight on your hips which are supported by your leg muscles, the torso length of the bag is important. Get a backpack that can tight the belt perfectly on your waist to lighten up.

 We will talk about more in our next article.



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