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Amateur Camping outdoor (Part 4)

Let’s go on sharing the tips of camping as a new camper! We will continue the topic about auxiliary items that could be useful and make you more convenient when camping.

7. A hat and gloves

We usually decide to go outdoor in a nice weather, nice weather is always with sunshine. Dazzling sunshine may block your sight, and to avoid sunburned, you should wear a hat, better a hat with a brim.

A pair of gloves will be really useful while camping too. Gloves will protect your hands from rough bark, sharp branches and other plants that could leave an injure on your hands while passing by. They will also take away the sweat and prevent slipping from the trekking pole. The gloves will also do some help while making the camp fire and cooking food in outdoor.

8. Cooking utensils

Finally you and your partners arrive a spot to set up your tent and start to “camp”. Don’t you want some steaming hot food instead of biscuits after a tired hike? I always enjoy the hot chow which is cooked from a campfire. For a new camper, taking pots and plates and all those tableware may make your trip more tired because you will have to take them with you all the way. But nowadays, there are a lot of lightweight and portable cooking utensils for outdoor activities, you can take the size that meet your needs, don’t have to bring your whole kitchen to camping. And always watch out of your campfire, mountain fire is really dangerous so, make sure you put out the campfire before leaving.

9. Flexible drinking water bladder

As we talked about in “Amateur Camping Outdoor Part 2”, water is one of the necessities, it means we must have it with us while camping. Try to take a sip of water every 5 to 10 minutes to avoid dehydration. Do not drink until you start feeling thirsty, the water is not easily absorbed by your body as drinking a large amount of water for a short period of time will be a waste.

You need to hold a trekking pole and keep balance with your hands, it is not really convenient to drink bottle water, get yourself a flexible drinking water bladder is a good choice. The material is often soft and flexible that can save some space in your bag, there’s a pipe connected to the bladder and you can drink water easily.

If you are going to camp for only 1 day, a 2 to 3 liter water bladder will be enough for drinking, and you can take 1 to 2 liters in bottles, which can be use for cooking.

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