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How to choose outdoor gear-suit for amateur-5

Before starting outdoor camping,we need prepare not only gear.There are some suggestions we list for you.

1.Learn before hiking

Destination season, weather, terrain, hiking days, and then choose the gear you carry. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the customs and customs of the hiking site, as well as some unexpected situations and countermeasures.


2.Preparations before departure

The trajectory of the route is the most important factor for the success of the hiking activity. At the same time, you can avoid getting lost and take less detours. The choice of gear is related to the safety and comfort of the hike. The preparation of food is related to energy and physical fitness.


3.Warming up before hiking

Warming up before hiking is related to reducing the chances of injury and muscle cramps during exercise, and at the same time can expand the range of muscle groups and joints of the body; increase muscle strength; reduce muscle soreness after exercise; reduce muscle fatigue after exercise,etc.

4.What should we pay attention to when hiking in winter?

Outdoor trekking in winter is mainly due to extremely low temperatures, slippery roads, and grass and tree scratches.

Warm clothing generally adopts the "three-layer dressing method". The base layer is a perspiration layer. It is necessary to choose a material that has good quick-drying and moisture permeability. Cotton fabrics cannot be selected. Underwear and socks are also included. The middle layer is a thermal insulation layer. It needs to have good thermal insulation performance, and at the same time it can also play a role of insulation to exclude external moisture from the base layer. A soft shell is a good choice. The outer layer is a windproof and waterproof layer, which needs to be waterproof and breathable. At the same time, you need to keep warm during the rest. You can put the compressed down jacket in the kangaroo bin for easy access.

Other warmth functions: earmuffs, insulation cups (with hot water), chocolate, energy bars, etc.

Safety equipment: crampons, snow covers, cold medicine, etc.


5.What should we pay attention to when hiking in the rainy season?

Hiking in the rainy season needs to prevent temperature loss and moisture prevention, which are as follows:

(1) The hiking umbrella is suitable for use in light rain, no thunder and no wind, and there are special fasteners on the mountaineering bag;

(2) Raincoats and rain pants are easy to move and can prevent wind and temperature loss;

(3) Choose waterproof shoes as much as possible. You can also use waterproof socks. Wear rain boots. If you wear other shoes to walk for a long time in the rain, you cannot keep the shoes ventilated and dry when you sweat. It is also bad for our feet when we cannot change shoes and socks.

(4) The backpack rain cover can prevent the mountaineering bag from getting wet, but it is better to use rain bags or plastic bags to wrap sleeping bags and clothing;

(5) It is rainy and slippery. Reasonable use of trekking poles can avoid falling.


Hope you all can get a happy trip!


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