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How to go outdoor more safely in winter-II

   6. Try to end the activity before it gets dark

Winter nights are long and days are short, it gets dark quickly, to master the activities according to the route, try not to night walk at night. Night walking will increase the incidence of accidents. It is ideal to go down the mountain before four o'clock in winter. If you get lost in the mountains and cannot return that day, it is very dangerous to spend the night in the mountains without shelter.

If you are unable to identify the directional route when traveling at night, you should immediately call the police for help. Use their own side objects, to give rescue workers to indicate the signal. Such as flashlights, cell phone light sources, etc., and wait for rescue.

Don't grab the vine

During the hiking trip, do not grab the vines and branches around you to move forward. In winter, trees lose their moisture and become very dry and fragile, and therefore cannot bear much weight. Therefore, when descending, the body weight should be placed on the heel, the whole palm of the foot on the ground is very easy to slip. If along the slope of the slope downhill, the footsteps should be small, the upper body should be slightly bent, which can reduce the center of gravity.

  1. Do not get lost by marking

In winter, the vegetation in the mountains is withered, too many leaves or snow will block some trails, so it is easy to lose your way if you do not mark well.


During the trip, you should always pay attention to the topographical features of the mountain road turns and forks, and try to use stones or branches and other items along the way to make appropriate markings. Otherwise, once trapped, trapped people will be difficult to say an exact marker, will bring a lot of difficulties to rescue, in addition, to remind everyone not because of viewing and shooting snow scenery and delay the return time, snow days, the path is covered, inevitably lost trapped.

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