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How to make sure you never get a fake microfiber towel?

Microfiber quick dry towel is good for skin cause fiber made of microfiber is very small, only 1/200 of hair. So when it touch your skin, not like normal towel moving above surface, it can adsorb deep dirt and cosmetic residue, removes dead skin, old skin, blackheads, etc.


Particularly,there are three ways below to discriminate quick dry towel:


First of all, check the water absorption of the towel.

You can do a simple experiment. Pour several bottles of water on the table, cover all type of towels over the water and wait for one minute. If it is a real microfiber towel, it can take away more water than normal towels, such as a cotton towel or a bamboo towel...


Secondly, touch the towel by hand.

Real microfiber fabric touches soft and smooth (microfiber can touch small buttercup on skin). It touches like silk. Fake microfiber towel touches more like cotton towels.


Third, by using it.

Using microfiber towel to clean your body, you can feel the friction when it is dry,cause microfiber can penetrate deep into the pores, there is high friction when towel is dry, so special emphasis on washing in the product manual. Normal towels cannot give the feeling.


Through these 3 ways, now we know how to choose a true microfiber quick dry towel. Also, there are more details that need to be noticed while washing and using.

The microfiber fabric is made from the materials which need common washing care. To achieve the best result by washing the towel, follow these instructions:

  • Cleanwith warm soap water or sponge within 30°C
  • Ifnecessary you can wash it in the washing machine
  • Do not use the spin waster
  • Donot use water over 30°C
  • Keepdry and clean
  • Donot recommend dry-cleaning

WARNING:Keep away from fire!

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