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How to organize the camping gear?(1)

The first time camping is always excited and worried. For those who are camping for the first time, the preparation of camping equipment can be a big problem. Because many people have no experience and don't know if will camp again in the future? In the face of an assortment of camping equipment, we don't know which ones to buy and which ones to rent. And maybe there is no concept of what kind of camping style you like.So,let's briefly introduce the basic equipment that novice campers may need!


1.tent and ground cloth

There are hundreds of tent styles, and you have to pay attention to the details when buying. It is not recommended to start hurriedly. It is recommended to borrow from friends or rent equipment from companies in the beginning. Even many camps can be rented. In this way, first understand the way of setting up the tent, and at the same time understand the points you value more, because the wrong one is the most expensive.

In terms of style, you can first consider the yurt-style tents that cross two camp posts. This style is a popular mainstream style nowadays. It is mainly easy to carry and easy to set up. It is also light and suitable for beginners. In addition, there are many pipes to buy, which can also be found in hypermarkets. Pay attention to the choice of materials and pay attention to waterproof and breathable.

In addition, a tent is usually attached with a ground cloth to isolate the tent from direct contact with the ground and extend the life of the tent. The floor cloth also has the function of blocking wet and cold. I think that outdoor controllers can also prepare a moisture-proof pad and spread it inside the tent, which is more comfortable in the cold and wet winter! And the beautiful moisture-proof mat can also be taken out as a picnic mat on weekdays, which has many functions.

Tips for newbies: rent / borrow to participate in camping, learn about tent setup and use details before buying. account / living room account

The cooking tent or some people call it the living room tent. Its main function is to provide a place for the outdoor controllers to sit and chat and drink tea, as well as provide cooking space. The hanging of the living room account can cope with many climate changes when it is sunny or rainy outdoors, but the space occupied by heavy storage is not small, so many outdoor control options are to share with friends or just set up Canopy account.

Tips for newbies: share with friends or choose to camp in a sheltered camp first, and then decide how to buy as the case may be.

3.the canopy account

Depending on personal habits and preferences, it is recommended that the novice cooking account and sky screen account can be selected. The sky curtain is lighter than the living room, and the choice of colors is more lively, but it cannot completely shield the wind and rain. At the same time, it requires more skills to set up and requires more floor space.

Advice for novices: Watch how old drivers set up a canopy before deciding whether to buy.



Enjoy the beauty of camping!

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