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How to protect yourself? Amateurs of hiking outdoor must know these! ( PART 2 )

Travelers, let’s continue with the tips in outdoor to keep you safe!


Rule No. 6 : Do not turn your head and talk while hiking

Just stop walking and finish your conversation before going on. It is really dangerous to walk in outdoor without keeping your eyes on the road your feet are gonna step, which may cost you injured or even worse, death.


Rule No. 7 : Watch out while going downhills

After rain or early in the morning, woods and outdoors might be wet, always walk on grassy places or where is covered with dry leaves is effective of preventing slipping down the hill.

Rule No. 8 : Carry a packable blanket

Thinking of the excessive temperature difference between morning and evening in outdoor, a blanket can keep you warm. You can also use it as a table cloth or a picnic blanket when necessary. Choose a packable one for yourself, 4Monster has some items which are easy to carry and lightweight.

Rule No. 9 : Your bag may be useful when sleeping

When you find out that the foot part of your sleeping bag is not warm enough, empty your backpack and stuff your feet with the sleeping bag inside the backpack. That will make you feel warmer.

Rule No. 10 : Watch out for your tent

The morning dew and unexpected rain might wet the ground and your camping spot, so the inside and outside tents must e pulled apart by ropes and ground nails to prevent the inside tent from getting wet. It is really uncomfortable and definitely not a happy thing when finding out your inside tent and your sleeping bag are all wet after a sweet dream of going on another adventure the next day.


Keep these tips on your note. We will keep updating more tips in the next chapter.

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