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How to wear bandana

Quickly find your turban, a small piece of fabric, after wearing, can be transformed into different effects, such as headscarf, scarf, headband, wind sand cover, brimless round hat, hood, wrist guards, wrapped chest. The following is a detailed introduction to the various uses of the turban.

  1. The most original approach to the turban, set on the head can be. The back part of the hanging can also be tied a knot.
  2. Wrap the hijab: you can also wrap your hair like Islamic women.
  3. melon cap: turn the headscarf over, put it over your ears and eyebrows, straighten the extra part, turn it around a few times, turn it over and wrap it around your head.
  4. Headband: fold the headband into a double layer, set it on the head, and pull out the hair on it. The width of the headband can be adjusted.
  5. Headband: use the bandana to tie up the hair in a circle, as long as you can tie a ponytail will be this.
  6. Pirate cap: folded, turned out, it seems some complicated operation after you will be as handsome as the Pirates of the Caribbean.

     7. Wind shield: with a bandana from the head to face all wrapped up only to                 show an eye, breathable and block the sand, the desert, windy days or                   snow field with are very effective.

  1. Helmet liner: when riding or climbing, wearing a helmet and sweating feeling can be bad, the bandana tied to the head as a liner, all the troubles are solved.
  2. eye mask: the bandana around the eyes, into a temporary eye mask.
  3. Scarf: put it around your neck.

      11. Mask: On the basis of the scarf, the bandana is pulled under the eyes on it, and the ears are wrapped.

  1. Wrist guard: put it three circles two circles around the wrist. 

How to clean the turban correctly?

1) Use neutral detergent cleaning (such as detergent, hand soap, etc.), do not use laundry detergent containing bleach or whitening agents.

2) Do not use softening agents to avoid damaging functional fibers and reducing performance.

3) Please soak in water and rub slightly, do not wash in the washing machine to avoid hair balls.

Note: Because of the use of microfiber structure of the turban manufacturing, if vigorous scrubbing will damage the structure of the hair ball.

4) After washing, please dry in the shade, do not expose to the sun.


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