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Our new product: Compressed Disposable towels

Towels are an essential household item in our daily life. Whether at home or in a hotel, towels are one of the essential items.

Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for products, and gradually change from a single use function to a high-grade direction, and compressed towels just meet this development trend.

1.What is a compressed towel?

There are many types of towels, one of which is a compressed towel, which is a small towel that we usually use, which is easy to carry.

Compressed towels use the existing towels as raw materials. Without changing the original quality and function, the compression technology is used for secondary deep processing, which reduces the volume of the towel by 80% to 90%. This greatly facilitates transportation, carrying and storage.


2. Classification of compressed towels:

Knitted compressed towel: The existing towel is used as the raw material, and then the secondary processing is performed. Its characteristics are expensive, the volume is a bit larger than the non-woven compressed towel, and the texture is related to the quality of the original knitted fabric, which can be used repeatedly.

Non-woven compression towel: It uses common non-woven fabric as raw material, low price, small volume, average hand feeling, it will be opened when contacted with water, strong water-soak, and generally cannot be used repeatedly.

Cotton non-woven compressed towel: made of natural fiber pure cotton, clean and hygienic, soft to the touch, gentle and comfortable, when opened in water, strong absorbent, continuous cotton, no slag, higher quality , can be used multiple times.


3. Texture of compressed towel:

Cotton non-woven compression towel is divided into plain weave compression towel, mesh compression towel, F pattern compression towel, pearl pattern compression towel.

4. Shape of compressed towel:

In people's daily life, in order to attract consumers' attention more, designers design various shapes and patterns.

The manufacturing process is to compress the towels of selected materials, styles and patterns into a circle, heart, pentagram, square, credit card, butterfly, plum, egg, car, beer bottle, etc. Shape, and new shapes can be developed according to user needs.


5. Hygiene and safety of compressed towels

Compression towels are sterilized by high temperature, high pressure, and ultraviolet rays, and the casing uses advanced PVC packaging technology, so that the compression towels do not directly contact the air, which effectively avoids product pollution, and people can buy and use them with confidence.


6. the use of compressed towels:

Compressed towels have no requirements for water temperature. Open the sealed packaging bag, and it will absorb water and swell when placed in water. Depending on the size and cotton content, it will fully expand after 3-6 seconds of water absorption.

I will continue introducing some auxiliary items in next article.

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