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The role of outdoor bandana

The bandana, a small piece of fabric, can be worn to change different effects to meet different needs in the outdoors

A. Wipe sweat

When riding a bike or climbing, three loops and two loops are wrapped around the wrist. The bandana then plays a cushioning and wrist protection effect. At this time with the wrist wrapped around the bandana dash in the face a rub, sweat all be absorbed away.

 B. Hair

1, headband: headband folded into a double layer, set on the head, pull out the hair can be. The width of the headband can be adjusted.


2, head rope: use the headband to tie up the hair in a circle, as long as you can tie the ponytail will be this.


C. Decoration

In a piece of scenery flat place to take a group photo, especially the group photo. Wrap that piece of headscarf and leave a picture. When you get the photo, the one that stands out is always you.


Turn the turban over, cross your arms, each grabbing one end of the turban, pull it against the other, and knot the turban. Move the knot to one side a bit, while a hole appears. Pull your hair out of this hole and you're done. The turban is definitely a magic bullet that does not get tired of.

D. Keeping warm

Finally, the most native function of the turban is to keep warm.

1, melon cap: the turban will turn over, set in the ears and flush with the eyebrows, will be the extra part straight, rotate a few turns, turn over, wrapped in the head, double melon cap made.

2, scarf: set in the neck, a great success.

3, mask: on the basis of the scarf, the bandana pulled to the eyes below it, the ears are also wrapped, so it is warmer.

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