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Use small tools to help you relieve walking fatigue

Use small tools to help you relieve walking fatigue

During a long walk, several parts of the muscles are used especially.

Using some small tools on hand to stretch the tender points, also known as relaxation, can quickly relax the key muscles commonly used in hiking, further promote recovery, and make you go further and more comfortable.

 I. Legs

Use a water bottle (or travel foam shaft) to aim at your quadriceps and restore muscle activity after a long hike. 3 groups for each leg-each group rolls back and forth 5 times

  1. Find a flat and soft floor, lean down and massage your quadriceps with a water bottle or foam shaft, starting from above your knees.
  2. Keep your legs straight, use your arms and right leg to move your body forward and backward, and let the water bottle roll back and forth across the quadriceps. Keep three points of contact with the ground. To deepen the stretch, bend your left knee so that your feet are facing upward.
  3. After completing 5 times, repeat for the right leg.


II. Shoulder

Use a massage ball to massage the inside of your subscapularis muscle (near the spine) to reduce the tightness caused by carrying a heavy backpack. 3 positions on both shoulders-60 seconds for each position


  1. Bend your knees, lay your feet flat on the ground, and lie on your back. Place a tennis ball or massage ball under the muscle on the medial edge of the left scapula, starting from the top of the scapula.
  2. Place the ball at the bottom of the inner edge of the left shoulder blade and find a soft muscle point. Hold there for 60 seconds until your muscles relax.
  3. Reposition the ball in the middle of the left scapula, then relax the scapula for 60 seconds. Then repeat the same movement on the right shoulder.


III. Buttocks

1 time on each side-each position is kept for 30 seconds, no more than 60 seconds

  1. Bend your knees, lay your feet flat, and support the rear with your right hand. Place a tennis ball or massage ball under the left hip to ensure that the muscles of the hip are in contact with the ball.
  2. Lift the left leg and place the left ankle on the thigh of the right leg, above the knee.
  3. The upper body moves forward slowly, approaching the left thigh, and then gently press the knee of the left leg with your left hand for 30 seconds, then repeat the above movements for the right hip.


  1. Flexible use of tools

Most hikers will not pack the foam shaft, but your hard water bottle has the same function as the foam shaft for tired muscles. Before using the bottle, wrap it with a piece of clothing or a towel. As long as you are careful not to move the joints or bones, it is safe to use unwrapped plastic water bottles.


No tennis ball or massage ball? The round pebble may not roll, but after wrapping it, it is no different from a massage ball. Use it to massage the shoulders and buttocks.


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