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Did you choose the right outdoor folding chair?(II)

Dimensions and weight

Compared with the wooden tables, chairs or sofas used in the home, the folding chairs used outdoors are obviously much lighter, but they are also lighter and have a suitable scene. If road trip, it will be more comfortable to choose a large-size chair; but if you are traveling on foot, and you have to carry them on your back for a long time, choose a chair that is smaller and lighter after folding.

This kind of outdoor ultra-light chair is the first choice, because the bracket and fabric can be decomposed, and the volume is smaller after folding; the overall weight is lighter with the use of aviation aluminum bracket and fine fabric; the tension of the bracket and the fabric is used to support the chair, so it is comfortable.


Of course, this triangular stool chair is lighter, which is less comfortable than a camping chair (but any seat is much better than sitting on a wet and cold ground, isn't it?), but its convenience features are unparalleled.



Weight-bearing capacity

Not all chairs (even some that look almost the same in appearance) can bear the same weight. Therefore, it is important to check the load-bearing capacity before purchasing. Generally speaking, a chair for children or adolescents can bear 67-100KG, and a chair for adults can bear 100-225KG.


Children's chair

When buying a children's chair, please remember to choose a style that can lock the chair bracket after unfolding, so that the chair will not fold up when the child jumps or plays on it.


Consider your needs, type of activity, and comfort level to choose a suitable chair! Hope this article can help you make a satisfactory shopping choice.

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