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What exactly is Dyneema® Fabrics (DF) fabric? (2)

Fabric Properties

Dyneema® composite fabrics (hereinafter DCF) are available in different thicknesses and weights and can be used to manufacture different types of products. The heavier DCFs have a higher density of Dyneema fibers, which increases their strength. Mixing the DCF variant and laminating it with polyester film makes it more wear resistant. DCF is laminated with other fabric films in order to provide better performance, and the performance of the final fabric will vary when DCF is laminated with a film with different properties.


The DCF is not a small fabric, but it brings the Dyneema® fiber to the forefront, offering three major properties in addition to UV resistance.



High tensile strength

As mentioned above, the tensile strength of Dyneema® fibers in the middle layer of DCF is 15 times that of steel of the same quality, and DCF can reach 10 times that of steel of the same quality. 2MM diameter Dyneema® threads can easily pull up to 300 kg of weight. This is a very impressive indicator!



Ultra Light

For equipment made with DCF, the weight of DCF will be 25-50% lighter when using DCF with the same tensile strength and ordinary fabric. Suppose a piece of equipment with the same tensile strength of ordinary fabric is 1kg, then the weight of equipment made of DCF will only be 250g~500g, easily achieve outdoor weight reduction.



Highly water repellent

Outdoor rain and snow has a deadly threat or burden for the human body, so the water repellent performance of the equipment is very critical. A high degree of water repellent performance can reduce the weight burden of equipment adsorption of water, but also to better protect human safetest.

After reading whether you think this is a black technology fabric!


Will be made into equipment, for the production technology and equipment has very high requirements, sewing process will directly affect the use of fabric performance, capacity and yield control is also very difficult. This is in addition to the expensive, so excellent fabric products are not used in large quantities in outdoor clothing equipment a big reason.

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