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Must understand these 15 outdoor knowledge (II)

  1. On the hiking trail, eating nuts is better than beef jerky

Nuts are rich in protein, oil, minerals, vitamins and other elements and have high nutritional value. They can be used as small snacks on the road and also have a feeling of fullness. It tastes much better than beef jerky.

Although beef jerky is hungry, eating too much makes it easy to get angry, and constipation makes you fat.


  1. Wear a band-aid outdoors to reduce foot injuries

The shoes don’t fit the feet, and the toes and heels are easily chafed. Band-aids can be put on the little finger and heel to isolate the contact with the edge of the shoe and reduce damage to the feet is a common way for outdoor people.


  1. Foot injury, soaking your feet in hot water will aggravate the injury

Tired of walking outdoors, many people have the habit of going to the camp to soak their feet in hot water, but you must be careful when you use hot water to soak your feet. If the feet are bloody, swollen and painful, soak the feet with hot water, it will increase the bleeding of the ruptured blood vessels and cause the disease to become more serious. At this time, soak your feet in cold water or apply cold compresses to your feet.


VII. No matter how waterproof jackets also have life

The cuffs of all the jackets cannot block the ingress of water, even if there is glue on the cuffs, as long as the amount of rain is heavy, the water will leak out over a long period of time. Fortunately, the forearm does not sweat too much. You can put a plastic bag at the connection position of the cuff and sleeve to solve this embarrassment.

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