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7 common sense essentials for outdoor travel, make life more secure!

Stumble-many outdoor accidents are caused by falls and slips

It is best to follow up with the team to prevent a separate action. The general reason for the occurrence of slipping is that the spirit is not concentrated in regions where the terrain is more complicated.

Never go exploring at night, avoiding the mountainside and ridges.


Temperature loss-people lose temperature in extreme environments

When traveling outdoors, a life-saving blanket (weight 60-340 grams, foldable) should be able to reflect 80%-90% of the heat.

In addition to keeping warm, life-saving blankets have many uses: building temporary shelters, making temporary stretchers, collecting rainwater, reflecting heat during campfires, and making camping mats in wetlands.

Treatment method for temperature loss: immediately move the patient to the center of shelter from the wind, place it on a mat with moisture insulation, and if possible, set up a tent for it and raise a bonfire around.


Extreme heat-to regulate body temperature when weight-bearing and tired

Heat dissipation and perspiration are more important than UV protection.

Try to wear red clothes with good heat dissipation and perspiration, professional quick-drying fabrics, wear breathable sun hats, carry heatstroke prevention drugs, and light salt water or a little salt.

Hunger-especially thirst

More compressed cookies should be backed up. In other words, even if you bring enough food, you should prepare more emergency food. Before a source of replenishment water can be found, the existing drinking water should be strictly controlled.



When crossing on a rainy day, when crossing river or bridge, the backpack should be untied so that the bag can be discarded at any time, and the rope should be used for maintenance after the torrent.


Despise-Many people despise outdoor travel and do not pay attention

Pay attention to the layout of the road. In addition, the relationship between teammates must be handled well.


Pride-not complying with outdoor guidelines and excessive pride

While advocating the maintenance of the environment, do not destroy outdoor activities of nature and the laws of life, and do not consciously pursue activities that transcend yourself. Respect your own life and cherish the lives of others.



When an abnormal situation occurs, the team leader should draw attention; when this situation continues, the team leader should immediately consider changing the plan, or even abandon the original plan.

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