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Beach camping experience (1)

Camping on the beach is a beautiful thing, and it is very pleasant to build castles and sunbathe on the beach.Although beach camping is good, you should pay attention to various issues so as not to spoil the fun.


  1. Sun protection

The reason why I put it in front is because it is easy to be ignored. Many people are used to staying indoors, with lots of moisture in their skin and poor sun protection. Exposed to the beach sun, you will get sunburned in two hours (maybe less). This injury is not felt at the time, the skin is red and you are already sunburned. After a day or two the skin will be sore and peeling, even blistering. You can reduce the pain by applying cold compresses with a towel, use emollients to replenish the moisture in the sunburned part, and take vitamin c supplements to stop melanin deposition.


People who are often in the sun have a better resistance to sunburn. You can also use an umbrella with sun protection (one with a silver coating) or wear long-sleeved clothes. Of course, rub sunscreen effect is better, remember to swim or sweat a lot after don't forget to replenish rub.


  1. Mosquitoes and insects

The mosquitoes at the beach are no worse than those in the mountains. In addition to mosquitoes and flies, shallow beaches and beaches have a kind of jumping lice is very annoying, in the shallow water will bite (very painful), and jump around. Take care to avoid bites by applying mosquito repellent, and keep your tent netted and food and utensils protected (preferably not on the ground, but in your bag). Sitting around the campfire can usually be protected from bites.

We will share other options in next part.Enjoy your beach camping tourist!

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